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Resources on Doctoral Education



Resources as of 2019



  1. Doctoral Education for Europe

  2. Doctoral Education through the Lenses of the Bologna Process

  3. From Product to Process. The Reform of Doctoral Education in Europe and China

  4. The Formation of Doctoral Education

  5. Survey_Doctoral Education in Europe Today



Resources as of 2017-2018


  1. Principles_for_Innovative_Doctoral_Training

    The Principles were defined with the help of experts from university associations; industry and funding organisations.They reflect the Salzburg Principles of EUA, good practice in Member States and the Marie Curie experience. 

  2. 2013_Byrne_Quality-Assurance-ARDE-project-results

    The ARDE project aimed at demonstrating how quality assurance for doctoral education has been implemented in European universities. As the Bologna Process has developed, universities have put great effort into professionalising their quality assurance as well as their doctoral education, albeit often in separate processes.

  3. 2010_EUACDE-Universities-Achievments-salzburg-principles-1

    Salzburg II Recommendations: European Universities’ Achievements since 2005 in Implementing the Salzburg Principles

    The recommendations, including a series of clues to success and obstacles to clear, have three over-arching messages

    These recommendations are meant as a set of guidelines for a diverse landscape of doctoral schools and programmes, rather than a standardised checklist.

  4. Creative Inquiry and Scholarship: Applications and Implications in a Doctoral Degree

    The creative process of doctoral work has historically not been highlighted. The same is true for education as a whole. While there is an increasing call for greater creativity in education, they remain aspirational.

  5. Doctoral Studies and Qualifications in Europe and the United States: Status and Prospects

    The volume provides a very solid and updated base of information on principal developments regarding Doctoral and post-Doctoral programmes in the Europe Region and the USA.

  6. Doctoral Education-Taking Salzburg Forward Implementation and New Challenges

    The purpose of this document is toprovide guidelines for the continued implementation of reforms in doctoral education building on the Salzburg Principles and Recommendations.

  7. Maintaining a Quality Culture in Doctoral Education at Research-Intensive Universities

    Doctoral programmes within LERU aim to train the next generation of researchers to the highest skill levels in order to launch creative, critical and autonomous intellectual risk takers who will push back the frontiers of research.

  8. Bologna Seminar Doctoral Programmes for the European Knowledge Society

    The “Bologna Seminar” on Doctoral Programmes for the European Knowledge Society provided the first major forum to discuss the new Action Line in the Bologna Process entitled “European Higher Education Area (EHEA) and the European Research Area (ERA) – Two Pillars of the Knowledge-based Society”

  9. Translation of Standard Phrases to Acknowledge Erasmus+/ Creative Europe Financing